Edinburgh Formation Welfare is a non-profit organisation operated by the members of the Base. The organisation operates independently and is not linked, in any way, to official Defence business, nor does the Department of Defence fund any Edinburgh Formation Welfare activities. The purpose of Edinburgh Formation Welfare if to provide and maintain recreational and Base services for staff and their families.

Edinburgh Formation Welfare sponsors many sport and interest groups on the base as well as operating the Base cinema, camping store, boat and trailer hire, holiday accommodation and some canteen services. The role of Edinburgh Formation Welfare is critical in maintaining high morale, a sense of identity, promoting camaraderie and assisting those families new to the area to 'settle in'.

What has Welfare Achieved?

Over the years, Edinburgh Formation Welfare has provided funding and arrangement for the following;

  • War Memorial on Base,
  • Furniture at the Frontline Canteen,
  • Foxtel connection at the hospital and medical,
  • Public liability insurance for all base activities,
  • Provides assistance in the management of non-public monies,
  • Pool facilities, and
  • Public BBQ facilities near the Pool.